¡Follow these steps to become a successful trader!



The professional trader stop losses fast, but lets profits run.


Before learning how to win, you have to learn how to lose.


No matter how many times you watch TRADING videos, consistency in the market comes from having a mentor with you.


The market consists of three movements, up, down and in parallel. You don't have to complicate it!

Get started safely

First step

Acquire the knowledge to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the forex, futures or stocks market. Investing in the mentoring of a professional is the most essential part for your development, thus resulting in better consistency.

  • Invest in a course that adds value to you.
  • Obtain a minimum of three (3) months of supervised mentoring.
  • Prepare a strategic plan.

Second step

Your workstation is your vehicle to success, make sure you follow the recommendations of your mentor, so we make sure that it meets the minimum requirements to operate.

Always remember that the information to be able to operate in the market varies, therefore, having a reliable team, with the adequate processing power, will always be of benefit.

Third step

Brokers are an important part of your life as a trader, they are the ones who allow us to buy or sell in the market, be a bull or a bear, or go long or short. They are the ones who act as the intermediate party between you, the sellers or buyers.

Your mentor will take you through the path, step by step, so that you choose the stock broker that best suits your needs..

Fourth step

It is your time to apply what you have learned, practice each and every one of the techniques that your mentor taught. By memorizing the acquired techniques, your movements and operations will be executed naturally.

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I started in the world of trading in 2014 with the goal of being able to make some extra money. After I lost my job in 2018, I made it my goal to dedicate myself to this and to be able to live from trading to have financial freedom and freedom of my time since I did not want to be in an office, much less have my time managed. I knew it was not going to be easy as they say that 95% of those who try fail along the way. I didn't know how I was going to do it since I had to work in order to support my family in a new life in Florida. Thank God I was able to establish my freelance jobs where I managed my time. On the way of learning, I did not have a mentor to guide me on the right path, there were only video courses, which made it difficult for me to find consistency and profitability in the market..
More, it is to say that my first live transaction I lost $ 700 in 7 min. At that time, I thought I was the superhero and went to market with everything. After losing more than 2k I told myself that I had to learn a little more. It took me longer than usual as I had to learn during practice by seeing my mistakes and correcting one by one until one day I could see and find the serious mistake I was making. From that day everything changed in my trading life. He was no longer the same rookie where he lost more than he gained. After learning to lose, I learned to win. It was so much the "click" that I did that day that I began to be a successful trader.
For this reason I am here to show you that you can be a successful trader. With my help they will learn to see the market in an easy way. I hope you feel like it and do not give in to fear and ambition, this is a business like any other.

I could do it, you can too…

Joel Santos

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